"Who Else Wants to Learn Proven Strategies and Methods from Top Level NCAA and NFL Football Officials on How to Get Noticed, Move Up and Accelerate Your Officiating Career?"

Forward Progress is a book written for aspiring football officials everywhere. Regardless of your current level or abilities, Forward Progress is a MUST READ for every football official who wants to improve his or her skills.

Let me tell you how this idea came about. You see I'm just like many of you reading this. I live in Louisville, KY and I belong to the local football officiating association. I've officiated football for seven years and I've worked in the state playoffs for the past four years. I have dreams of "calling" football at the Division 1 level. I've always been somewhat competitive and I like setting goals and pushing myself to improve. In 2009 I was fortunate to be hired as a supplemental official in the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (Div II). I worked 6 games last year as a deep wing official and have been offered a full time position on a WVIAC crew for 2010 . But enough about that,  let me get back to the book.

About a year ago, I began thinking seriously about what I needed to do to get ready to for the next level. I started asking around to my fellow officials and much to my dismay, there wasn't much information available about what to do and how to do it. In some cases, I was told I needed focus on high school officiating and "the other" would take care of itself. Well I don't know about you but I don't work like that. I like to know all there is to know, understand the requirements, meet the decision makers and find out what they want. Then I compile this information and put together an action plan which will prepare me for taking that next step. I don't typically leave things to chance.

Now you may think that's a bit ridiculous. But hey, the only way I've EVER accomplished anything in my life was setting a goal and working my butt off in pursuit of it. So back to my book... Forward Progress.

I realized that not only is there not much information on how to move up, there isn't much either on what the requirements are and what skills are necessary to succeed at the higher levels. So how could I find out? Where could I find resources or more information? Well I decided to do something really crazy and off-the-wall.

I asked. (WOW, what a risky move!)

Yep, I asked. I sat down and made a list of officials I felt would be the "Who's Who of Football Officiating." NFL officials like Mike Carey, Tony Michalek, John McGrath, Ron Baynes and Gerald Austin. NCAA guys such as Dick Honig, Matt Austin, Kavin McGrath, Wilbur Hackett. NCAA Conference Supervisors like Ken Rivera (Mountain West), Jim Jackson (Ohio Valley), Doug Rhoads (ACC) and Rogers Redding (SEC). What if I called them all and got their perspective on what aspiring and motivated officials needed to advance and succeed at the higher levels. Could I benefit from this information? Would other football officials just like me want to hear what these top level NFL and NCAA officials had to say?

Well, if you are reading this then I believe I must have been correct. Forward Progress is written with all football officials in mind. Any one at any level can benefit from the tips, techniques and information contained in this book. The level of detail I will share will surprise you. The "What To Do" and "How To" information suggested by today's peak performers in the NFL and NCAA can only be found in this book. The precise detail and overwhelming amount of info does not exist anywhere else. I guarantee it.
Jan Poschlod, Hamburg"I just finished reading your book. I just wanted to let you know that this book really offers a lot of valuable advice to new officials. You can tell it really focuses on American officals, but still I can use a lot of the advise here in Germany. So thank you for making that effort to share your experiences."
Jan Poschlod, Hamburg, Germany
Jan Poschlod, Hamburg"I am a 3rd year official at the High School level, and my goal is to officiate at the Division 1 NCAA level. Your site, email course and podcasts are excellent. I appreciate all of your insight and the officials you've had on have also been excellent. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge."
John Souchack, Scarsdale, NY
Johnny McGrath"Your book, Forward Progress, is awesome and a must read for any official. You hit the nail on the head with this book. Great job ! ."
Johnny McGrath, NFL Head Linesman
Here is a small list of what's included in Forward Progress:
Learn how to get noticed. Once you know the secret, the possibilities are unlimited and you will be totally surprised at how easy it is.
Discover proven methods used to become a top level football official. Learn from successful officials exactly what steps they took to reach the highest levels. Whether you want to work your states high school playoff, small college games or the NFL; experts share step-by-step how they made it and how you can benefit from their experience.
Learn how to select a quality camp. You will receive a powerful checklist which will help you pick the right camp for the appropriate stage of your officiating career.
Learn #1 factor NCAA conference supervisors look for when evaluating new talent AND why this single characteristic is completely under your control.
Discover the single most important factor in Rapidly Improving your officiating skills and why 90% of officials aren't using this critical element of success.
Learn Video Review tips that are commonly used by most NFL and NCAA Division 1 crews.
Discover the two best ways to reach any Division One staff.
Learn about goal-setting and why you MUST FOLLOW this crucial step
Uncover a tip which will give Rookies INSTANT CREDIBILITY!
Discover proven methods for finding the perfect mentor.
Are you interested in Getting Noticed? You will learn:
The universal quality all scouts and supervisors look for when evaluating new talentmiss this and you don't get hired!
How to build an officiating resume and what important information MUST be included.
What qualities NCAA conference supervisors are seeking in their staffs and how to start improving on them NOW.
"With a Who's Who of football officiating, this book is a must-read for every football official around the world. The information contained in this book will help everyone from the first year pee-wee official to the one at the top of the officiating world."
Grant Jackson Conway, AR
"Quick note to say 'well done' with what you presented for reading. Although we have not met, I found myself mentally following your story matching it to my own as I am also a first year college official (Big Sky). There are so many roads to moving up and many mentors along the way. I'm sure everyone has their own unique stories that fellow officials can relate to but it takes someone with the talent to put pen to paper and make it visual to the reader. Again...good job."
Ken Wolf, Phoenix, AZ
"Todd, I have very much enjoyed the material you have been kind enough to share with your fellow officials. It has been a valuable learning tool, plus it helps to know there are guys out there with the same questions and concern I have. Keep it coming!"
Scott Maphis, Salisbury, NC
Learn How to Break Down Video Tape Like the Pros and How This Can Be the Single Most Powerful Way to Accelerate Your Officiating!
Discover proven methods for obtaining your game video.
Learn our system for properly breaking down your game film and how this can impact your learning and advancement.
Find out 8 key topics to address when reviewing your video and will immediately and positively impact your field presence.
"This book is a great help, whether you are just getting into officiating or have been in it for a while. I received great insight as far as advancing in levels as well as how to handle family, jobs and other priorities. Thanks for writing this book; it will be invaluable for future football officials."
Bill Green Louisville, KY
"I think what your doing is great for officials trying to move up. I am currently a Division II official working in the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and getting someone to give you a look is tough. Keep all the information coming. I think it is a must for all officials."
Doug Kennedy
"Football Officiating is a rewarding, yet extremely challenging vocation. As far as aspirations go, the sky is the limit to how far you want to move up the ranks. Having a book to help sort out some of the challenges associated with moving up the ladder of success should be on the MUST READ list of all aspiring football officials, at the High School level or beyond."
Chad Adams, Cincinnati,OH
Now I didn't do this alone I had help! Let me take a moment to introduce you to my Team of Football Officiating Experts who were gracious enough to share their experience and wisdom with you. You can immediately benefit from over 300 years of field experience. Here are just a taste of what you will discover from the Gurus of Football Officiating:

Doug Rhoads (ACC) Mike Carey (NFL)
Ken Rivera (MWC) Dick Honig (BIG10)
Jim Jackson (OVC) Vic Winnek (Great West)
Matt Austin (SEC) Kevin McGrath (Big East)
Allen Baynes (NFL) Gerald Austin (CUSA)
Tony Michalek (NFL) Bill LeMonnier (Big 10)
Byran Neale (BIG 10) Wilbur Hackett, Jr. (SEC)
Harold Mitchell (SWAC) Tommy Moore (NFL)
Rogers Redding (SEC) Don Lucas (Sun Belt)
Billy Alton (WVIAC) Chuck Russ (SEC)
John McGrath (NFL) Gary McCarthy (ECAC)
Tony Josselyn (SEC) Jim Augustyn (Arena Football)

In addition to obtaining your book,

Check out these bonus items available for a

Free Bonus #1
(1) FREE Month of the Forward Progress Mentoring Club
One night a month you can participate in a members-only call (approximately 1-2 hours long) where we invite top level NFL and NCAA officials. I call it the “Grill The Guru” session! We will cover important topics or lessons which pertain to your improvement or advancement. As an active member, each call will allow ample time for you to ask the “Guru” specific questions you want answered. You have direct access to some of the best and brightest minds in football officiating today. You will be granted immediate and instant access to EVERY Forward Progress Mentoring Calls. Furthermore, you will receive a CD of the call in the mail in case you happen to miss the LIVE version. We will also host video review “Call It Like You See It” sessions in a LIVE format in coming months. After your one month trial is complete, you will be billed at our low introductory membership rate of $29.97 (normally a $47 value) per month. There is no obligation to continue and you can cancel at any time.
Free Bonus #2 ( Each CD valued at $25)
(6) Yearly Forward Progress Expert Interviews
As a paid member of the Forward Progress Mentoring Club, every other month, we will host experts in the field of football officiating. These are typically NFL or NCAA Division One Officials, Conference Supervisors or other aspiring officials just like you…and we will provide detailed and specific advice on how to advance your career. You will also receive these interviews on CD in your mailbox immediately to be sure you are constantly connected to the best instruction anywhere.
30 Minute Coaching Call
Receive one 30 minute coaching call with me to discuss your football career path. I can help you with your resume, applications to college conferences or just general guidance and advice moving up as a football official. Must be scheduled minimum of 1 week in advance and at my discretion.
Free Bonus #4 (a $25 value)
Complete Listing of All College Football Conferences
Download a PDF of all Division I, II, III and NAIA conferences. A great reference tool!
Free Bonus #5 (a $25 value)
Complete Listing of all State High School Athletic Associations
Download a PDF of all NFHS and other state associations.
Free Bonus #6
5 Full Length Recorded Interviews you can download and listen to at any time.
Top NFL and NCAA officials share their secrets on making it at the top.
Guarantee #1
I’m so absolutely sure that you will find this information valuable and rewarding, I’m going to offer you a 60 day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If after reading the book, listening to the audio CD’s and sitting in on a Mentoring Call or two…you feel like you are not completely blown away by the content and advice provided…simply return the material and your money will be returned immediately.

Now listen close to this next one…I don’t think you’ll find another guarantee like this anywhere, in any training program, in any association…
Guarantee #2
Money Back PLUS Guarantee
We want you to stay with us for 12 months and put our strategies into action. If after one year of investing in your football officiating career, if you haven’t made the money back from the content in the book and participating in the Mentoring Club on your own timeline, you only need to provide documentation that you have implemented at least 1 of the countless strategies or tools provided…and have not seen the guaranteed results. That’s it! Once that step is complete, we will immediately refund you every single dime you’ve spent with us…and we’ll send you an extra $100…just for your time and effort. There is absolutely ZERO risk for you. You simply can’t go wrong.